What started as sketches and drawings and conceptualizing would eventually turn into huge modern sculptures. The evolvement includes textural and tactile materials such as exotic woods, brushed metals, glass and even acrylic. A love for creating started for me at a very young age. Working out of my small garage in Lansing, Michigan gives me just enough space to bring these ideas to life. Modern design, as well as nature and architecture, are big influences that inspire how I create. Even though it is a labor-intensive one-man job, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have had the blessing of starting these sculptures and business out of High School. Now I am happy to say there are many pieces throughout the Mid-Michigan area, with the newest and largest one located at MSU’s new MSUFCU headquarters. Working with commercial businesses as well as residential homes gives me the ability to take a space and turn it into something much more memorable. Being partnered with multiple companies, as well as construction companies and being able to add the cherry on top for these developments, is something that I absolutely love.

​Artist Dane Porter